Monday, 20 April 2009

About Welsh Bloggers

This website is the product of an idea I had after a pretty traumatic week. Battle lines were being drawn accross the Welsh blogosphere and it changed suddenly from sarcastic, catty remarks to physical threats.

I thought to myself that it had all got a bit sinister and something, no matter how small needed to be done.

My idea was setting up a social meet up along the lines of the 'Skeptics In The Pub'. A 'Welsh Bloggers In The Pub' would meet up a couple of times a year and would serve to improve relations, promote better communication and give bloggers a chance to socialise in the real world. It would also give some of us the chance to get out of the house and have a couple of pints.

The aim of is to provide a home for all Welsh Bloggers In The Pub stuff and also interviews with leading bloggers, reviews of new blogs and news regarding the state of the Welsh blogosphere.

David Raybould
(Site Admin)

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2 Responses to “About Welsh Bloggers”

The first stage in improving relations would be to have full disclosure of authorship...

My appeal for that fell flat on its face.

Dave Snark said...

The first stage in improving relations would be to have full disclosure of authorship...In your opinion Marcus. I think the first step is encouraging people to come together, be they anon or know writers.

I agree with your point about staffers writing attack sites being held responsible for what they write, however that's not the be all and end all.

This site and the WBITP seeks to be as inclusive as possible. That means promoting as Welsh blogs who I may disagree with politically and giving a platform to anonymous bloggers.

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