Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Total Politics Blog Awards 2009

Here are the first ten of the Top 60 Welsh Blogs.

1 (1) Guerilla Welsh Fare PC
2 (6) Miserable Old Fart NA
3 (18) Blog Menai PC
4 (10) Adam Price MP PC
5 (15) Welsh Ramblings PC
6 Syniadau PC
7 (12) Vaughan Roderick ME
8 (7) Cambria Politico NA
9 (11) Cynical Dragon PC
10 Plaid Wrecsam PC

Welsh Bloggers despite not being around that long and frankly not a regular blog came in at a suprising 19th. Thank you to everyone that voted.

For the full list click HERE.

Congratulations to everyone on there.

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