Thursday, 16 July 2009

Welsh Bloggers In The Pub '09

Photo via Dom @ WelshIcons
Just a quick post to say thank you to all the bloggers and non-bloggers that turned up to Welsh Bloggers In The Pub last night. A good time was had and I think the idea of the night, basically adding a social edge to the blogosphere and putting names to faces worked.

I'd like to thank the Vulcan Hotel, members of the Save The Vulcan campaign and everyone who has supported this project. I'll happily organise another one knowing how successful and interesting this one was.

Bloggers in attendence were myself, Marcus Warner, Uncle Wilco, Clive Betts, Chris Jones, Denis Campbell, David Taylor, Arfur Daly, Dom Stocqueler, Duncan Higgitt, Michael Corbett and the Save The Vulcan team including Rachel Thomas.

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