Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Saved The Vulcan - Chris Latham

I would like to thank Dave for asking me to post again about the Vulcan and for his continued support and help publicising the cause throughout the blogosphere.

Thanks to the members of the Save the Vulcan campaign, the South Wales Echo, Cardiff Council, Brains Brewery, Derek Rapport, the St David's Partnership and the John Lewis Partnership, and the many, many people who signed the petition and have written letters etc, a new three year lease for the Vulcan has been confirmed. At the time of writing a contract has yet to be signed but it has been received Liz the landlady who has said she will be signing on the dotted line. While this is no guarantee of the Vulcan’s long term future, it means there is now a three year breathing space in which to prepare for any new challenges that lie ahead and (importantly) means that the first ever meeting of Welsh Bloggers can now take place at the Vulcan on July 15th as planned!

On a purely selfish level I’m not sure where this leaves me as a blogger. For the moment there are still bits and pieces to be done but I now find myself reluctant to leave a community that I previously had no idea even existed. In the past, my blogs have all served a particular purpose, providing a space to write about various university projects I have been involved in. They never received many hits and were never meant to; they were left to die peacefully once the project was over without a second thought. It may well be time to start something a little more permanent so if anyone can think of a catchy name (this is the part I am worst at - I think the Sceptical Leek might be cheating!) then give me a shout.

Save the Vulcan/Chris Latham

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