Monday, 11 May 2009

Welsh Blog Of The Week

Shed Blog

In their own words.

This is the blog of the the popular shed based website, where you can share your shed.

I also run the international renowned Shed of the Year Competition, which you can read more about here.

Just to say I’m Wilco (or Uncle wilco, but wilco is just fine) hello to you and hope you find this blog useful/fulfilling or just a little bit of shed based wossname in your life, but more importantly Share your shed with our sheddies, then I will be happy
Shed Blog is a haven for Shed lovers on the net. Uncle Wilco has used the blog as an offshoot of his excellent site and I have to say succeeded in making one of the most enjoyable reads in the Welsh blogosphere. Although based in Wales, the blog and main site have a universal appeal and is one of the few Welsh based blogs to truly gain national and international attention.

3 Responses to “Welsh Blog Of The Week”

unclewilco said...

many thanks Dave...... so do I owe you a pint now ;)

Dave said...

Nah, just knock one of the couple I owe you! :D

Congratulations, an excellent blog

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