Monday, 4 May 2009

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No Borders South Wales

In their own words.
No Borders is a transnational network of autonomous groups advocating freedom of movement and equality for all. The network operates on a non-hierarchical, anti-authoritarian basis and uses consensus decision making. We struggle in solidarity with migrants to work towards a world without borders, capitalism or the state.

The South Wales group formed in 2005 and plays an active role in the network. We aim to:

* Raise awareness about the injustice of migration control.

* Take action against the activities of the UK Border Agency, International Organisation for Migration and associated private companies.

* Encourage and support campaigns against deportation, detention and social control.
There are many Welsh political blogs but No Borders South Wales are a little different. A campaigning group who not only blog but organise meeting and demonstrate where needed. The blog having been set up in July '05 is going strong and provides regular postings about immigration, deportation and human rights issues.

No Borders South Wales can be contacted here and information on meetings is available here.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers for the recognition!

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